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Christian i svartvitt

Me, Christian Målmark, is originally from Anderstorp in the south of Sweden and is born in year 1973. I have had astronomy as a great interest since the age of eight. Around 1989 I started writing on fact sheets on among other things the Solar system, stars and scientists in electronic form on my first PC to compile and refine information I had read. My special work in the last year High School "The Stars" and was about how Starts work. It is now incorporated in the section about the Stars on Cosmologica. In 1991 I started subscribing to the astronomical journals "Sky & Telescope" and "Astronomy". I bought my first telescope, a used Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain 8 inch with equatorial Super Polaris stand, in connection to a vacation in Florida, USA.

When I started studying at Linnaeus University in Växjö in 1992, I began to collect and read scientific articles such as "Scientific American" in parallel with my studies. In the summer of 1995, I read Kip Thornes "Black Holes and Time Warps - Einstein's Outrageous Legacy" , probably the best book I read, all categories. The following year, 1996, I started a website at the student's server at the university when this became possible for the students. Soon, inspired by Thornes book, I started writing about black holes and space travel and the website got the name "Kosmologika" over time which is inspired by the fact that the website is about how the cosmos looks, works, has evolved. And also how humanity through its curiosity has explored this. Very much time was spent on the homepage of the academic year 1996-97 as it got the structure and appearance it still has have. The cosmology section became strongly influenced by Andrei Linde's work. The thesis was about theory of relativity which led to the section on the theory of relativity.

In 1998, I started working at Ericsson (then Ericsson Microwave Systems) in Mölndal. In 2002, Växjö University closed my website and I had to move it to one non-mnemonic address at Telia. In January 2004 I moved the website to a better homepage operator and paid more to get the address www.kosmologika.net . After reading Brian Greene's book "The Elegant Universe" with great interest in 2002 I wrote the part about string theory and its relatively fresh history. The section on Quantum gravity is strongly inspired by this book.

In about 2004 my mini-biography on Oskar Klein was officially adopted by the Oskar Klein Centre.

Autumn of year 2015 I received a review sample of Bengt Gustafsson's book "Svarta hål" sent to me. In Litterature reference part of the book there is a reference to Kosmologika.

Autumn of year 2017 I got new inspiration to work with Cosmologica homepage due to Nobel Prize in Physics which was awarded to the revolutionary detection of Gravity Waves. Most of Cosmologica in Swedish language has been updated and adopted to HTML5, CSS, SHTTP and mobile handset viewing.

Contact me at Christian Målmarks E-postadress.

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