Copyrights and disclaimers

If you use information from a source in a written work you shall always refer to this source. This also applies in this case; include a reference or/and hyperlink to Cosmologica! You are free to use the information at this Cosmologica for school works and other non commercial works if you rework the information and gives it your own character (i.e. no cut and paste). Remember that you can not use information presented on Cosmologica in its present form for a commercial product or a home page on the Web similar to Cosmologica.

Unfortunately there has been cases where persons has copied large amounts of information without permission, put it on the Internet and not even referred to Cosmologica. If you find any cases where large amounts of information are similar to those on Cosmologica, please inform me. It gets harder and harder to control this single handedly with a quickly groving Internet.

I have done my best to do the information at Cosmologica as "true" as possible. But I can not take any responsibility for that any information might be incorrect. I do not take responsibility for possible consequences to any person who has used information from Cosmologica. If you find information on Cosmologica that is not correct, please inform me about this!

A big thanks to Robert Nyqvist, presently at Växjö University, who has developed the program LaTex2GIF and thus has made the elegant formulas possible at Cosmologica. The program converts formulas, programmed in LaTex, to GIF images automatically via GhostScript.

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